Monday, July 9, 2007

Hey, after some persuasion I'm going to start explaining the things I put up here from now on a little more.

This one is from a series of 5 illustrations i want to do based on my Thesis kinda to get my morale up and to decorate my empty walls. Their all on paper i got for free from an exhibit at the Rubin Museum of Himalayan art. The paper is referencing these old ancient flags which were hung to represent the different forces back in the old olden days, Red for Fire, Yellow for Earth, Green for Plants, White for Snow, Iron, Stars, Clouds, and Blue for Water, Sky.

*thats a seed Kurrent is running towards*
**nothing at all like the "Chaser"**

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Anonymous said...

Really Cool piece will! keep up the good work. It makes alot more sence when you know your motivation behind such an awesome illustration! Thanks for explaining it:-D Glad you did.