Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hello hello, worked on a new flash today hope its appealing to others, im not sure if im getting a little obsessive with the realm of old Andrew Jackson political cartoons, its fun getting away from thesis for a bit i like juggling ideas around. But i dont like the amount of work still left to do on the big T. My teacher gave me the neck animation and he's going to explain how he did it tomorrow very excited to find that out. The JACKSON GAME will be made one day

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Gingashi said...

whoa!!! that's really trippy- lol. nice movement with the neck, I think that's pretty cool how you did it.

p.s.- thanks for your comments! About the "tenants" post: that sounds really cool about the golden compass, but no, I haven't read it, but I hear it's really good!

I did mean for the shadows to reflect the people, and also some have pets of the same animal, but for the most part it's just symbolism and not a real plot driver or something. In "Tenants" the main characters are basically all like a stray enter-animal-here, that eventually all live in one apartment complex... a very very strange one. haha.